Rain's sky

About me

Hello! I'm Rain. My pronouns are she/they. I am currently in my teens. (I don't like sharing too much info about myself.) I like doing a lot of stuff and writing about it here. Here is a small list:

  • reading
    • poetry
    • philosophy
    • fantasy
  • programming
  • writing poetry
  • conlanging
    • (also I love toki pona)
  • making visual art
  • making music (although I am not good at that yet)
    • I also love microtonal music
  • worldbuilding
  • I guess working on websites like this one for now.
  • spending too much time on the internet
  • making lists (I am not joking, good lists are amazing)

What is this website?

It's my personal site. I will post about whatever I feel like here.


toki! mi jan LEJAN. mi jan lili ala. mi jan suli ala. mi wile ala toki e nanpa tenpo mi. pali ijo mute li pona tawa mi. ni li kulupu ijo lili:

  • mi lukin e lipu
    • lipu pi nimi pona
    • lipu pi nasin sona
    • lipu pi ma ale mi ala
  • mi lawa e ilo nanpa
  • mi sitelen e nimi pona
  • mi sitelen kule
  • mi pali e kalama pona
    • kalama musi pi kipisi lili li pona tawa mi
  • mi palie e ma
  • tenpo mute la mi lon len pi ilo nanpa
  • mi pali e kulupu ijo. (mi musi ala. kulupu ijo li pona tawa mi)

lipu kon ni li seme?

ni li lipu seme mi. mi wile sitelen e ijo la, mi sitelen e ona lon lipu kon ni.