Rain's sky

Welcome! o kama pona!

en: Hello! I am Rain. I like doing a lot of stuff and I thought it would be cool to make a website to document that stuff. I will post all kinds of stuff here, from the weird poetry and stories to maybe some worldbuilding, conlanging, random thoughts, about stuff I read, art. Literally anything that I feel like. And don't expect stuff to be good or finished.

tp: toki! mi jan LEJAN. mi wile pali e ijo mute. ni li pona tawa mi: mi pali e lipu pi ma kon tan sitelen pi ni. mi sitelen e ijo mute lon lipu ni: sitelen pi nimi pona nasa, pali ma, pali toki, pilin mi, ijo pi lukin mi, sitelen kule. mi wile pana e ijo lon lipu ni la mi pana. o sona e ni: ijo pi lipu ni li ken ike.

there will probably be some other stuff here